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Professional, precise, and durable vertical and horizontal boring and milling machine manufacturing.

CHIEN CHENS Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. In the early stages of business, it mainly focused on providing maintenance services for various working machines and machinery as an agent. In 1996, it began to independently research and develop powerful boring and milling machines and created the brand "OX" with the goal of manufacturing precise, durable, and embodying the spirit of OX.
OX is the favorite of experienced craftsmen: "CNC + Instruction + Tradition = Tri-use." It possesses characteristics such as user-friendliness, lightweight, flexibility, and precision. It is suitable for mold processing, fixture development, and small-batch diversified machining. It effectively reduces costs and serves as a new weapon to help the industry enhance market competitiveness.

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Features of CNC Machine
Product Section
"CNC + Instruction + Tradition = Tri-use."
OX milling machines can be equipped with a horizontal structure, and all four axes can be CNC controlled. They can be operated using standard G-code/M-code operations or programmed using CAD/CAM for processing functions. They can also be operated using the Instruction function, allowing operators without a background in NC programming to easily learn within half a day. Additionally, they can switch to traditional operation, retaining the functionality of traditional machining. They possess user-friendly, lightweight, flexible, and precise characteristics.
Application Range/Processes: Mold processing, fixture development, small-batch diversified machining.
Product Applications
Breaking through tradition, innovating in research and development With 30 years of experience, we focus on custom vertical and horizontal milling machines. Our research and development capabilities aim to achieve safety, high quality, and high performance, addressing user safety concerns and designing to save labor force.